Bamboo Clothing Brands – Are They Really Eco Friendly?


The impacts cotton has on the environment are unfortunately quite severe. From tiny microbe fibres entering our washing machine pipes that end up in our oceans, to the toxic chemicals used to print colours on clothes being one of the largest polluters of clean water globally. It is pretty intense!

Fortunately there are some ways you can reduce your environmental footprint and choose an alternative to polyester or cotton produced clothing.

Factors that influence a fibre’s sustainability fall under the following:

  • Amount of fertilizers used to increase yield
  • Unsustainable and unethical deforestation
  • Amount of chemicals used in the manufacturing process and,
  • Amount of hazardous waste that goes into the environment

To identify whether an eco clothing brand not only uses materials that are more sustainable than cotton or polyester for example, but that they get their product from a place that has regulated certifications from companies that align themselves with sustainable practices.

Bamboo is one popular example of a replacement to cotton for those that want to buy environmentally friendly clothing.

Bamboo is definitely a more sustainable crop to grow in comparison to cotton because it is a very fast growing grass, in fact it reaches its full height in only 8-10 weeks, and since bamboo is a grass it can be continually re-harvested without replanting. Additional to this, because of its naturally fast growth, it does not need the use of fertilizer to mass produce.

In regards to water usage bamboo requires 1/3 the amount of water that is used to grow cotton and has no natural pests.  This means that bamboo can be grown with little to no use of pesticides or herbicides whereas cotton can require a large amount of pesticides to meet yield requirements. The benefits are incredible!

Bamboo therefore already shows to be a large benefactor over cotton which uses large amounts of water, pesticides and labour.

Bamboo, eco friendly clothing

So is Bamboo the Best Choice for Sustainable Clothing?

Unfortunately there are some down falls in the bamboo industry because even though bamboo does not need to be fertilized, we cannot find out if the farmers in China, where it is most commonly grown, are using more pesticides or fertilizers to maximize their yield. Additionally, we do not know what forests they are chopping down and if they are doing so in a sustainable and ethical way such as taking into account what species they may be affecting such as the panda or the hundreds of other bamboo species which rely heavily on bamboo for survival.

Bamboo, eco friendly clothing

What is also not so perfect is that most bamboo fabrics on the market are a form of rayon where the manufacturing process is highly intensive and involves many harmful chemicals. So we want to avoid these.

So although the Bamboo textile is not perfect it is still more sustainable than the common cotton and more so if bought from brands that ensure sustainable farming and forestry methods are used to make their clothing. It is also important that they ensure measures in chemical use in the manufacturing processes are checked with environmental certification bodies. After that, you have found a great brand!

What Brand Can We Trust?

A brand that sells eco-friendly clothing and strives to do all they can to ensure they produce high sustainable and ethical clothing when using Bamboo is the Boody Eco Wear.

They admit that there is no perfect way of making 100% sustainable clothing but they come pretty Eco Friendly Clothingclose! They do this by making sure all their brand factories have an ISO certification, which means they are all environmentally aware, recycle all their waste and ensure that when they dye their fabric, the polluted water is not released into the environment. Additionally, the dyes used are all low in salt, all their packaging is recyclable and the inks are vegetable based.

They also have FSC (Forests For All Forever) certification to make sure the bamboo they source is from forests which are managed in a way that not only takes cares of the wildlife and plants that live there but cares for the workers and local communities who rely on these forests too.

Additionally, all their yarn is Oeko-Tex 100 certified which incorporates the “Confidence in Textiles” certification. This means that there are no harmful chemicals or toxins found in their clothing, as well as eliminating all trace chemicals that could pose any health threats.

Boody Eco Wear provides bamboo underwear for ladies and men as well as activewear, socks, tops, singlets, and accessories.


“All Boody garments are made from organically grown bamboo and produced adhering to the highest standards for both the planet and our workers.”

“We are committed to producing high-quality products and focus on sustainable materials and practices so that we have a minimum footprint on our planet and a positive impact on its people.” Boody Eco Wear

Boody Eco Wear

Sustainable Hunting

So when you are searching for an environmentally friendly clothing brand, just remember to have a look into the company by seeing if their values are aligned to sustainability and environmental care as well as checking if they have the necessary certifications to prove their efforts in bringing you, not only high sustainable clothing but ones that are of high quality too.

I hope you found this information helpful and I would be excited to hear from you about some clothing brands that you think are killing it in their sustainability efforts!


Yours Truly,


Danielle Packer


28 thoughts on “Bamboo Clothing Brands – Are They Really Eco Friendly?

  1. Hey Danielle!

    I had no clue how big of an impact our clothes made on the earth! I am going to start looking into sustainable clothing! I am going to Boody Eco wear, not only for the environment, but I also have very sensitive skin even to clothing sometimes! I would imagine this might be able to help with that as well! Thank you for the great information!

    1. Thanks for commenting Delanee! Yes bamboo wear especially from Boody Eco Wear is very soft fabric which I am sure will be nice on sensitive skin 🙂 And that is great news that you are now aware of the impacts clothes unfortunately have on the environment and are ready to make an impact!

  2. Interesting article Danielle. I had no idea the negative impact cotton has on the environment. Very eye opening. Rayon is my favorite fabric in fact I call it my signature fabric. That’s how much I love it. I knew it was made from bamboo but I didn’t know any more than that. I will definitely check out Boody Eco Wear. Thank you!

    1. Yeah it is astounding what things we wouldn’t think to hurt the environment but actually does in a substantial way, I am glad I was able to provide this information for you 🙂

  3. The choice of fabric one makes adds up to a huge difference over a lifetime. Thank you for doing the research on this and sharing it, I learned a lot.

  4. Great post Danielle! I have purchased some articles of Bamboo/eco friendly clothing and I must share that it is sooo soft and comfortable on the skin.

    Thank you for spreading the awareness of the environmental impact!

    1. Thank you Andrea! And wow that is so great to hear you love bamboo wear! And I agree that Bamboo wear is not only so soft but gives you peace of mind that you are being a part of something great 🙂

  5. Great article Danielle! I believe you should also add amount of WATER it takes to grow cotton and how many of the world’s fresh water lakes are drying up because of cotton farms. It’s insane how much damage cotton is doing to the world and there has to be a better alternative. Maybe hemp? I applaud people who work to save the planet. Thank you

    1. Indeed I should have! It is scary how much cotton is impacting the environment. Thanks for commenting Tony 🙂

  6. Bamboo certainly has a lot more benefits than cotton. From reading your article, it looks like cotton does a lot of damage to the environment. I will look at the boody eco wear website. Thank you for sharing this interesting information.

    1. Thanks for commenting Eden! Glad to hear you have found the information interesting and good luck with purchasing eco wear, its great 🙂

  7. Hi Danielle, this was eye opening for me! I’m not sure why but I’ve not really ever considered the impact of clothing. I’d only considered (primarily) my use of plastic, packaging and containers as having an impact and being very mindful of that. This is fascinating, and I thank you for your post. I hope that as time goes on we see more sustainable clothing.

    1. Hey Melissa! I am so glad I was able to let you know about how clothes impact our environment, I was the same in the sense that I did not know or even think about clothes having an impact, but I am glad the message is being spread 🙂

  8. It is very important that we seek other materials for our clothes. Learning to dress ourselves goes a lot further than fashion but we don’t tend to think about it. It does begin from agriculture, continues to the actual fabrication which many times involves child labor and slave conditions, the twisted publicity with which it is presented and sold and “finishes” in the trashing of the product that may take centuries to disappear. Thank you for your post. It has made me aware about the usage of bamboo in the making of clothes which is something I didn’t know.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting Loannis! You are so right in the sense that the process can be unethical and damaging to our environment, its pretty scary to say the least. But there are many people now being educated on the matter and we can do something about it together, bamboo wear is a great start 🙂

  9. Hi Danielle, what a great article, I will be going to check out Body Eco Wear for sure. I really had no idea of the impact my undies and bra had on the environment until now, not to mention the washing and fibre factor. Thanks so much for sharing. This was a great read.

    1. Thanks for commenting Nicole! I am so glad to hear you learnt something from my article, I agree it is crazy how many things can be so environmentally destructive, thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  10. What an interesting article! I have heard about the bamboo clothing but always wanting to know more! I think I once read something saying that the clothing made from bamboo are more breathable or it relates to some sort of health benefits. Is that true?

    1. Hey Crystal! Thanks for commenting. Yes the bamboo clothing is very silky, comfortable and breathable! It is light and smooth, a very desired texture in clothing nowadays 🙂

  11. Great article Danielle!

    I never realized how much of an impact there was because of clothing.

    I know that bamboo can and should be used for numerous things in replacement of current materials.

    But as you stated, many species inhabit these bamboo forests and it would be detrimental to them if the forest was to be excavated.

    1. Thanks Brandon! I agree, it is crazy the impact cotton or polyester has on the environment and yes we need to make sure the bamboo is taken ethically to look after the many species whom rely on bamboo forests.

  12. This way the first post that caught my attention! I have always loved bamboo clothing, the first time I tried it was when my aunty bought me a pair of bamboo socks, they were the softest socks I have ever owned and very durable, I’d still have them if one of them hadn’t gone missing… Darn sock gnomes! I found this article full of useful information! Thank you!

    1. Haha sock gnomes! Love it. They always go missing right?
      And yes bamboo clothing is great! Super smooth and soft.

  13. so my gf jut showed me this page and i thought what a wonderful idea. i cant say ive been through the entire website here. but i was wondering if these bamboo friendly item were also available for blokes? apologies if i missed it . what a fantastic idea!!

    1. Hey Steve! Yes the bamboo collection also caters for men! I should have put up a photo of the men wearing the bamboo wear, they are nice, clean and simple looking 🙂

  14. Hey great stuff thanks . I did not know anything about bamboo when I bought my mattress but it covering is bamboo I hate putting even silk sheets on because of the cool feel of bamboo . I will definitely look into bamboo wear now.

    thanks jimmie

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