Vomit Alert! Animal Fat Used in Most Make Up Brands

The number of Vegans in Britain has grown substantially over the last 10 years; in fact, it has risen by approximately 360%. This result was revealed by a survey done by the Vegan Society.

According to this survey, approximately 542,000 people aged 15 years and over (more than 1% of the population) have embraced a plant-based diet. This is an incredible number because the number of Vegans in 2006 was only 150, 000! Because of these results, the Vegan Society stated that Veganism has proven to be Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle trend movements!

Veganism not only avoids the consumption of animal-derived foods, but they also avoid animal-derived ingredients that go onto their skin, face, and body.

The amount and varied ingredients from animals that are found in our everyday products are outstanding and the regular consumer would not know it! Not only because most people do not check the ingredient list of a product, but even if they did, you would bet your dollar they wouldn’t know what half the ingredients stated were!

It is important to realize as well, that just because a product may have that friendly bunny icon on it, meaning that it has not tested on cute little bunnies or mice, it does not mean the products are not MADE of animals… pretty crazy huh?


Animal Fat in Beauty Products?

Animal fat, or more professionally known as Tallow, is one of many ingredients used from the carcasses of animals for beauty and skin care products.

The process to get the animal fat involves boiling the carcasses of slaughtered animals until a fatty substance is formed. Then it is ready to add to cosmetics and then used on one’s face.

These carcasses come from a variety of disturbing sources such as from lab animals, pigs, cows, and sheep that die before reaching the slaughterhouse, euthanized zoo and shelter animals or expired meat from supermarkets.

The reason why we use animal fat or tallow in beauty products or skin care is to achieve an emollient factor, the feeling of softness or soothing of the skin.


Derivatives to Look Out For

Sodium Tallowate, Tallow Acid, Tallow Amide, Tallow Amine, Talloweth-6, Tallow Glycerides, Tallow Imidazoline. Alternatives: vegetable tallow, Japan tallow, paraffin, ceresin (see alternatives to Beeswax). Paraffin is usually from petroleum, wood, coal, or shale oil.


How to Pick Ethical Beauty Brands

The brands you pick will undoubtedly market their stand in sourcing Vegan ingredients and methods to produce their products, so it shouldn’t be too hard. If they do not, make sure you know your terms and have a look at the ingredient list to make sure it aligns with what you are looking for.

But that sounds like a little too much effort for me…I don’t know who has the time for that!

Thankfully there are companies that only source and sell Vegan and Ethical brands on their site or shop which makes it easier for people like us to find them all in one, nice and easy to use space.

One example of a company that does this is Nourished Life.

Nourished Life makes it easy for people to go to one place and have the peace of mind knowing that every product for skin, hair, face, and body is Vegan, made ethically and contains all natural and safe ingredients.

Nourished Life ‘…use pure, food-grade ingredients with no nasty chemicals. Nourished Life is also dedicated to only stocking cruelty-free makeup. We specialize in vegan beauty products …we ensure that all our products are ethically produced with utmost respect for the environment.”

Nourished Life actually leads the way in toxin-free and organic beauty!

It is understandable that when you go shopping for a brand you can be overwhelmed by the choice and want the best of the best in terms of their ethics in the manufacture and the use of only natural and safe ingredients. Nourished Life has done the checking for you by stocking only hair products that are biodegradable and free from sulfates or by making sure every product is free from any toxins what so ever to bring you safe and healthy alternatives in comparison to what is out there.

Ethical Shoppers Are US!

I hope I have broadened your mind about how much we don’t know in terms of what we are putting onto our face or skin when using various products. It certainly surprised me when I found out!

But thank YOU for taking an interest in avoiding products that contribute to the death of so many innocent animals, it is inspirational to see how many people want to live in a world of peace and avert from unnecessary suffering.

And remember!

Every purchase DOES make a difference. Be the change you want to see in the world because it all starts with one person and one decision.  

Thanks for reading everyone and if you know of any brands that are ethical or animal cruelty-free, be sure to let me know! I am keen to hear your experiences or views on this topic.


Yours Truly,

Danielle Packer


16 thoughts on “Vomit Alert! Animal Fat Used in Most Make Up Brands

  1. I’m not much of a make-up wearer myself, so I think I’m safe 🤣

    However, I am someone who likes to know the origin and the source of the things that I use in everyday life. So I’m glad you took the time to tell us the ingredients.

    If I ever decide to use make-up one day, I’ll be sure to come back here first. 😄

    Thanks for sharing this, it was really eye-opening!

    1. It is great to hear you take the time to look into the origin of the products you buy, it’s something most people don’t care to do. Your most welcome and best wishes to you! 🙂

  2. Isn’t it incredible how much c…. goes into some makeup
    I am very fortunate to have come across a company which is natural and my skin loves the products. Animal fat-Not for me

    1. Thanks for commenting Vicki! That’s great you have found a brand that is very natural and vegan! Very lucky 🙂

  3. Very informative post. Animal fats and derivatives are found in many products nowadays, so it is definitely up to the consumer to verify and make certain the companies they buy their products from have or share similar values to their values. Great job drawing awareness.

    1. Yes your right! It is all up to the consumer, and that’s when change begins.. when companies react to what the consumer desires. It all starts and ends with us! 🙂

  4. Well you have just educated me!
    I really didn’t give it much thought so thank you for waking me up!
    Thank goodness their are companies that take this serious and create an alternative.
    And our animal kingdom must be so over us humans.
    Getting this message out is the best way to contribute to our animals well being.
    Well done 🙂

    Di 🙂

    1. Haha thank you Di! I laughed at your comment that animals really must be over us humans! It’s true we use them for so many things… times are changing though!

  5. Oh my goodness Danielle, I definitely learnt something – thanks for sharing why these products are added to beauty products.

    Isn’t our skin the largest organ of our bodies? Therefore absorbing everything we come into contact with? Makes me very conscious of where I walk with bare feet…

    I am taking your list of Derivatives to look out for and checking all the products in my home. Really appreciate the education.

    1. I think I’ve heard that our skin is indeed our largest organ.. that’s pretty scary to think about in terms of how much we put on our faces!
      And your welcome! I’m glad I taught you something today 😀

  6. This is truly disgusting – imagine putting parts of a dead animal on yourself!
    I’ve always used vegan products to nourish my skin and I’m actually a vegan myself. How could anyone be happy while taking a life from an innocent being?

    1. Yes it is very weird to think about isn’t it!
      And that’s great how you are using vegan products! Keep up the great work 😀

    1. Thanks for commenting Jessica! And that makes it very easy for you to avoid makeup that exploits animals, so that’s great 😀

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